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Why Choose Outdoor Adventures?

Participants of SIU Outdoor Adventures will be immersed in the beauty of the land and travel to must-see destinations across the country; all while making life-long friendships and learning a variety of outdoor skills, and having life-changing experiences throughout the journey. We encourage teamwork, outdoor skill development, personal growth, appreciation of the outdoors and the environment through human powered experiences. If you're ready to rise with the sun, step out of your comfort zone and have an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime, sign up for an SIU Outdoor Adventure.

What is Outdoor Adventures?

SIU Outdoor Adventures is a collaborative/joint effort of SIU’s Recreational Sports and Services and SIU’s Touch of Nature Environmental Center.

Who can participate in Outdoor Adventure trips?

Whether you’re a student, non-student, member of the community, or just completely new to the outdoors, everyone is welcome to sign up.